Anti Bribery and Anti-corruption Policy adopted by Sizer Group.
Sizer group has adopted ethical values and models of Fidelity National Information Service (FIS).
The Values and Models extends to all the company’s domestic and foreign operations, including operations conducted by any departments, subsidiaries, agents, consultants or other representatives in which Sizer group is a participant.
Sizer group Policy of Anti Bribery & Anti corruption (ABAC) extends to all of the company’s financial record-Keeping activities and is integrated with the obligation to which company is already subject by virtue of State securities laws.
Sizer group conducts periodic reviews of its corporate policies and compliance programs regarding the ABAC laws of each jurisdiction to which the company, its officers, employers, employee, agents contractors, sub-contractors, affiliates and subsidiaries may be subject.
Sizer group ABAC policy extents in keeping provisions to keep its books, records and accounts in reasonable details, accurately and such that they fairly reflect all transactions and dispositions of assets.
Sizer group ABAC aims at prohibiting the mischaracterization or omission of any transaction on a company’s books or any failure to maintain proper accounting controls that results in such a mischaracterization or omission. Sizer group aims in keeping detailed accurate description of all payments and expenses while complying the Sizer group ABAC ethics.
Sizer group ABAC due diligence and selection of third Party Rep. and business partner: Sizer Group competes for all business opportunities fairly, ethically and legally and will negotiate contracts in a fair and open manner. Regardless of any unknown pressure from any local region, Sizer group will conduct business using only legal and ethical means. Sizer group employees shall follow company’s requirement governing investigating, pre-qualifying, certifying and entering into agreements with Third parties who will act on behalf of the company in international transaction. A Third party may be selected only after careful consideration of appropriate information. The Third party must agree to all appropriate monitoring and audit procedures by the company or its designee.
All active participants of Sizer group is expected to read and understand and comply Sizer group ABAC models.
Any of the Sizer employees, who learn of a violation or suspected violation of ABAC are instructed to contact the Management of Sizer group without any delay in an attempt to minimize the impact.
Any individuals who violates the above code is subject to immediate dismissal of his/her position and subject to investigation by the state laws
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