Sizer  Metals  Pte. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary in Singapore. A young trading company, we are engaged in trading of Base Metals listed on the London Metal Exchange.

We provide exceptional services and supplies to the domestic market and to the International Business Community, specializing in the supply of base metals and ferro-alloys with proven quality at the most competitive rates.
Sizer Metals has also developed a role, representing the commercial interests of many independent metal producers and traders who wish to do business in South and South-East Asia. Likewise, for consumers who are interested in competitive global sourcing.

Based out of Singapore, which is the business hub of choice, Sizer Metals is located at the junction of the major trade routes between the East and the West. By leveraging the world-class infrastructure in Singapore and its strong supporting cluster of commodity banks, logistics and shipping firms, risk management centre, liberal trade policy, free economy and competitive tax rates, we offer an extended competitive advantage to better serve metal consumers.
Sizer Metals Singapore mainly sources trading material from the following:
  • Members of the London Metal Exchange in favour of warrants
  • Manufacturers of Base Metals